About The Project

After months of hell, imagine sitting in a room full of people feeling completely and utterly alone. On the screen in front of you is the UK Premiere of the documentary ‘Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise’. Slowly you begin to realise that everyone around you are listening to the difficulties Maya Angelou overcame and the philosophies she lived by. They’re hearing the same words of encouragement, feeling the same sense of inspiration and belief pouring out of the screen. All the emotions that you’ve be harbouring are suddenly starting to leave you in the form of letters hidden in balloons, drifting into the air and leaving you all alone. Suddenly you’re not alone. Your turquoise coloured balloons are surrounded by red ones and blue ones and yellow ones from all of these people you’re now connected to.

It’s from this realisation, this idea that you’re not alone even if you feel like you are, that ‘Letters from the Heart’ was born.

The project is simple: for the course of a year, starting on June 30th 2017, anonymous letters will be posted online in hopes that someone harbouring the same feelings as the writer can find some sort of peace in the knowledge that they are not alone. These letters will be written by people from all walks of life, both young and old. Some writers have gone through heartbreak and grief; others have battled depression, illnesses or suicidal thoughts; a few have found comfort in religion; and some are simply trying to find a path to walk down.