Letter to a Liar

We all lie.

We lie to children and tell them that it was Santa Claus who left Christmas presents beneath the tree or the Tooth Fairy who left money beneath their pillow. We lie to our parents and partners and tell them we’re doing one thing when, in fact, we’re doing the complete opposite. We lie to ourselves and assure our reflection that we can pull off that outfit, even though it’s a size too small and gives us the shape of a manatee.

They’re innocent lies. Small and fairly harmless.

But there are some whose lies form webs.

I have often wondered, as I do right now, whether you know you are lying when a lie escapes your lips, or do you truly believe what you are saying? If it’s the latter, have you always been so delusional or have you just lied so much that you start to forget what the truth really is? Have you told so many lies that more lies need to be told to cover the first up? Or have you just become stuck? Stuck in the web that you have spun yourself with no conceivable way to get out?

Do you truly believe that you have done no wrong? That God has made you in His perfect image and the rest of us are simply demonic beings here to tempt you into sin or make your life difficult?  Do you really believe that you deserve everything good the world has to offer because you may have it a little tougher than others, even though you refuse to work hard to earn what others have earned?

Are you so blinded by your own jealousy and the words of comfort people throw at you that you cannot see the difference between reality and fiction anymore? That you truly think these people will be there for you when your world comes crashing down around you instead of running a mile and leaving you to be swallowed whole?

With your lies you beg for sympathy. With your lies you try to show the world that you are more than a child having a tantrum. When others fight back they are bullies, when they refuse to acknowledge your tantrum, you argue it proves your point.

How empty you must feel.

How sad that you think you have to lie to have a life that you could have had with the truth. Perhaps an even better one.

I don’t know whether to pity you or pray that you come to your senses before it’s too late. I hope, in time, you break free of them, although they do not affect me in the least. It would just be a shame for a life to be led so unfulfilled. So empty.


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